Anonymous asked:
You takin any submissions lately??

I take submission everyday. Send them to


IG: LeoStorm

This was one of the BEST. Vacation ever with my Love. This man right here makes me happy. Pure and genuinely happy. I fall in love everyday. Still young and we’re not perfect our relationship is based on Communication, Love & Respect. I’m the luckiest guy to ever have him in my life. I love him so much. It’s only the beginning and we have a book of empty pages to fill in our life story 💙👬💍❤️

Life happens..
But after 6 years, never forget.
I love you




lemonsieurbeau asked:
I've seen people submit me and my boyfriends photos up here. Appreciate the love!!! Nice blog!

Actually it was your boyfriend who submitted them. No problem. Thanks so much for the support

Me and the boyfriend =D. Going strong for more than 9 months already!!!
tumblr = @thereallry
Anonymous asked:
Just writing to say what a nice blog this is.... love to see these couples smiling and happy. -jV

Thank you so much.